Leeland – The Great Awakening

Ever wonder where the lyrics of this song derived from?

Well here is the story…” Then it all came back to me like it was yesterday. I had recorded it at my brother’s house on his piano in the living room. He had a book he was reading at the time called “The Patriots’ Handbook” written by a friend of ours Doctor Grant. The book has a lot of really cool stories about different Godly men and women in American History. I came across a chapter about the Great Awakening revival in the 1700’s. In the chapter they talked about George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards, the two preachers of this revival. Then right there in the middle of the chapter was a poem about the Great Awakening by Lawrence Tribble, written in the 1700’s. The words just jumped off the page to me. So I immediately ran to the piano and the melody just fell out. It probably was one of the easiest melodies that I’ve ever written. The lyrics were so good that they just inspired a great melody that quickly! It was cool. I jumped up, ran into the studio, sang the idea for everyone and they loved it…” – Leeland


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