The Beautiful Exchange (2 of 2)

Let us now look at these two contrasting sacrifices in table form; an ‘a‘ in the center column indicates similarity, and a ‘r‘ indicates contrast; the comments in this are not made on the basis of a text from Hebrews, but express either a truth gained from the teaching of the Bible, or are expressions of the logical opposite. In some instances truths are listed here which were also listed in the table relating to the high priestly roles, because the high priest, and the sacrifices they offered, are intimately connected…

O.T. Sacrifices
Sacrifice of Jesus
5:3; 7:279:7 Had to be offered for the sins of the priest as well as the sins of the people r No sacrifice necessary for his own sins 7:27
7:11,18-1910:1-4 Could not make us perfect r Makes us perfect 10:14
7:27; 9:6,7,25; 10:1,11 Needed to be offered day after day, year after year r Once-for-all 7:27; 9:12; 9:25-28;10:10,12
8:1-69:1-109:11 Were offered in the earthly tabernacle which is a copy of the real presence of GodWere offered in a man-made tabernacle r Was offered in the real sanctuary – the very presence of God – not made by man.He entered heaven itself. 9:11, 24,
8:13 Belonged to an obsolete covenant r Belongs to the new covenant 8:8
9:7, 18-23 Blood offering required a Blood offering required
9:9; 10:2-4 Could not clear the conscience of the worshiper r Cleansed from a guilty conscience 10:22
9:13 Made the ceremonially unclean outwardly clean r Cleanses our consciences so that we may serve GodHe died as a ransom to set them free form the sins committed under the first covenant. 9:149:15
9:10;10:1-4,11 Were external, ceremonial regulations, pending the coming of the new order.Were temporary and repetitive pending the coming of the new order r Obtained eternal redemption Permanently effective – ‘for all time’ 9:1210:12
9:129:25 Blood of goats and calvesNot their own blood r Christ’s own blood He sacrificed himself 9:12,9:26
10:1 The law prescribing these sacrifices is a shadow r Is the reality itself 10:1
10:2,3 Continued guilt feelings for sin Annual reminder of sins r Does away with sinSins remembered no more 9:2610:17
10:4, 11 Impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins; can never take away sins. r We have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ 10:10
10:9 Are set aside r Is established 10:9
10:11,12 Was never finished r Is finished and done 10:12,13
Many sacrifices r One sacrifice 10:12,14
10:1-4,11 Always more sacrifices needed r No longer any sacrifice for sin needed 10:18
No confidence r Produces confidence to enter ‘the Most Holy Place’, to enter the presence of God 10:19,22
Is an Old and dead way r Is a new and living way 10:20

The connotation of what the writer has taught us, and the reader – the Hebrews, about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ are innumerable and grandiose. He tells us of something that is complete, something that has happened once-for-all in the one act of Jesus Christ, something that never was and never could be done by the old sacrifices. Meditate again on the aftermath this one, once-for-all, never to be repeated, permanent in its denouement, sacrifice of Jesus Christ has on the readers then and us today; (Scriptures in order for section)

  1. The redemption it obtained is eternal (9:12).
  2. It cleanses our consciences/spirit (9:14).
  3. It liberates us to serve God wholly (9:14).
  4. It sets us free from past, present, and future sins [not an excuse to use Him as a visa card] (9:15).
  5. It does away with ALL sin (9:26).
  6. It is established by God (10:9).
  7. It makes us holy by the body of Christ (10:10).
  8. It is permanently effective, finished, and complete (10:12-14).
  9. It makes us perfect forevermore (10:14).
  10. God remembers our sins and lawless acts no more – cleaning us – making us white as snow (10:17).
  11. It makes any further sacrifice for sin redundant and unnecessary (10:18).
  12. It means that we have confidence to enter the very presence of God without fear of judgement or condemnation (10:19).
  13. It means we can draw near to God with the full assurance of faith (10:22).
  14. It means that our hearts are cleansed from a guilty conscience (10:22).

This must be the ultimate in salvation! Who would think of leaving this salvation for anything else – for anything else can only be less! Yet that is exactly what the original readers of this letter were on the brink of doing. Had they not really understood who Jesus actually was? Had they not really understood what Jesus actually did? But we could ask similar questions today as we look at the widespread lack of assurance of salvation,the focus of many Christians on their own religious performance, and the accompanying guilt in which they wallow and drown in. This salvation so powerfully described in this letter to the Hebrews leaves us with no doubts as to the permanence and completeness of the salvation obtained by the body and death of Jesus Christ – lavished as a sheer gift on everyone who believes in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is a good an perfect Gift from God; to me, to you, and to the whole World – just accept, understand, and believe.

I hope you enjoyed this study, A Beautiful Exchange, in the Book of Hebrews. Our next study Will be in the Book of Proverbs – specifically Proverbs 31 called Who Can Find? – we will be using this great chapter to apply being a Godly woman/wife and a Godly man/husband to our lives. It should only be about 3-4 posts at most, hope you will come join us! Thank you for this study and God Bless!


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