“The WAR of Temptation”

This study really hit home with me this week! I really enjoyed it and was most certainly convicted by it. Everyone deals with temptations LARGE and small – day in and day out – in this study you see that overcoming and recognizing trials and temptations leads to a blessed life, but falling for and longing after it leads to death of your spirit. Join along and hope you find it as fascinating and true to this day and age as I did…

The third study is from James 1:12-18, Titles “The WAR of Temptation” which you can click here to follow along in reading. To open up and listen to the podcast click here, after clicking the link go to the box that says Filter By and you filter it by Speaker, in the drop down menu click to choose Josh Thompson, then click on the podcast link titled “The WAR of Temptation” posted on 6/3/2012. (should be 4th entry down).


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