The Mission

Lion 2 Lamb;

We are here to fill you with the Good Things. Sharing an abundant amount of Encouraging scriptures, commentaries, and self revelations about Christ Jesus through the study of the Word of God.

On Lion 2 Lamb not only can you comment on the studies posted, but we wish for you to post about what God is revealing to you and how He’s working in your life! Each month there will be a theme on a Book, Chapter, or Character from the Bible that will be studied and talked about. We hope you enjoy Lion 2 Lamb and share with friends and family members the splendor and majesty of God’s Living Word.

Here we will also be promoting Upcoming Events for local Christian Communities across the United States so we can spread the the Gospel and be the Salt and the Light to the world. The Upcoming Events page is for anyone and everyone to share and use as a way of spreading the word to the followers of this blog.

Lion 2 Lamb also has a Prayer Team. So Prayer 2 Praise is set up for that sole purpose. Us together as the Body of Christ (believers) are here to help support all in need. Not only can you post your prayer but you can also post about your praises. So often we are into bringing our petitions to the Lord, and to others, that we forget to bless and praise the Lord for all he is doing, and has done for us all. So let’s bring the 2 together and really worship Him who deserves!

The Main Mission is to bring the wide spread body of believers together on a smaller level. After all we are all One Church, with One Message, and on One Mission…

God Bless!


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