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Who Created The Creator?

This is a great video posted by an amazing brethren advancing the body of Christ specializing in Apologetics, if you are interested in Apologetics you can check out his blog here —->

This popular question answered plainly and as you may not have heard it answered beforeā€¦

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Interesting Post I Read….

So I was seeing what my fellow face book friends were doing and saw this post. All I have to say is praise Jesus for giving this friend an open mind and softened heart. This person may not believe fully in Christ but then again they just took the first step by standing up for it. This person wont be able to escape my prayers!

The Question: “Why condemn the Church because all of it’s members aren’t fine saints? You don’t tear down a Hospital because not all the patients recover?”

First Rebuttal: “I’m not sure if those two can be compared… it just seems really odd to do so in my head, in that people of the church follow the bible, which has many different interpretations, while people of medicine scientifically diagnose and treat patients..”
Final Answer: “It’s saying that a church cures men of sin turning them into saints as a hospital cures men of disease turning them in to well men and points out the variable success of the two. I’m not saying the analogy is perfect ( I don’t think any analogies are ). On another note, I would argue that science is more relative than you might think. On another another note, I would point out I am not a Christian nor do i have any interest in becoming one. However, if Christianity or any other religion for that matter has the ability to cause men to exhibit self control, good work ethic, and other such virtues, I am for it. For example, Josh, our friend, since coming to Christ has had a huge change in lifestyle. Some would say that the Church is a manner of yoking men. I agree. When religion is given military strength (such as a government provides) that subjugation can grow out of control causing such evil as the persecution of free thought. But when people are allowed to come to religion of their own behest much can be gained for them as individuals and for society as a whole. I have personally known some people (who could have gained from devoting themselves to the above virtues) who shunned Christianity because of the sinful nature of some members of a Church. This could be likened to a sick man refusing hospitalization because some of the people in the hospital were still sick. Maybe I’ve gone on too long but yes the analogy is not perfect.”

Thanks for Reading and Pray for this friend!

God Bless!

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