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Faithful in the Small Things

Faithful in the Small Thinks
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A message from Pastor Greg Laurie – host of Harvest America 2012;

“On one of my recent trips to tell people about Harvest America, a woman named Carol invited me to their home and told me that three years ago the Lord spoke to her heart and asked her if she was willing to be obedient to Him in small things. She said, “Yes Lord.” So the Lord instructed her to pick up a penny off the street and she obeyed.

Thus began three years of obedience in small things. In those three years, she was not told what to do with the money she was saving…until just a few weeks ago. She said that when I contacted her to tell her about Harvest America, the Lord told her that this is what her obedience is to be used for!…..” Continue Reading the rest Here.

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Also if you have a house, office, own a movie theater, or run a church find out How To Be A Host of the Harvest America 2012 crusade and help advance the Gospel in your community.

Want someone in your family, group of friends, at work, etc… to get prayed for to be saved during this even? Put their name in the Prayer Cloud and you can count on our nationwide Prayer Team to be praying for them and this group of hearts to get saves!


Levi Lusko Comes To Harvest Riverside and Harvest Orange County

Great Services on Sunday with Levi Lusko as the guest speaker for mothers day. He is always on fire for Christ and always makes big, confusing, and complex Bible stories so simple and understandable. He has the gift of gab and the ability to paint pictures and speak in a way that your kids can understand too. There were 2 studies done, one in the book of Esther and the other in the book of Genesis chapter 41 check them out here; Ester – Velvet Steele and Genesis 41 – The Moment of Truth.

For More Podcasts by guest speakers at Harvest click Here; in the Filter By box use the drop-down menu to click which Speaker you would like to listen to!

Thank You and God Bless!

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