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WATCH Harvest America…

You can find a location near you that is hosting a Harvest America. You could turn on your radio and listen to it live. Maybe you would like to invite some friends or family over to your home to watch it from your computer, i-pad, tablet, i-phone, or other electronic device. (link for radio and online information) With the way technology is these days maybe you would like to invite someone in a cool way out to the Harvest Crusade, to your house, or a venue and just don’t know how. Well we have an E-vite you can send to them, just click here and it will be on it’s way providing them with all info that they may need to join!

A Short Message from Greg Laurie;

What if on One Day, churches from all over the nation brought in the Harvest Crusade and streamed it live right into their church? At last year’s Harvest, individuals watched the live stream broadcast from every state of the union and 32 countries around the world! Now, with HD-quality video available through Internet streaming and satellite, people could fill churches, theaters, coffee houses, and living rooms, linking together as One Church in thousands of locations.

For what purpose? One Message! The only message that can save a soul—the simple proclamation of the gospel, which will be given from a gifted evangelist, Greg Laurie.

And if this is repeated over the next three years, we could conservatively see more than five million people in live-stream events and effectively see some 500,000 professions of faith! That’s more than we’ve seen in our 22-year history of Harvest Crusades!

Will you consider joining hundreds of other churches across America on August 26 as we seek to bring hope to a nation? From promotions to the follow-up process, this website will provide churches and individuals with all the tools and resources needed to host a successful evangelistic event for your community, whether you host it at your church, a neutral venue, or in your living room.


Navy Seal – Chad Williams – Interview

Chad Williams, A Navy Seal and Author of Seal of God, came for an interview at Harvest Christian Fellowship and gave a very compelling testimony and story of his life as a Navy Seal and as a Christian following God. He is now a pastor on staff for Harvest Christian Fellowship in Orange County.

Check out the interview here —> (In the Drop Down Box Filter By Speaker: Josh Thompson with Chad Williams – Date: Sunday 7/1/2012 – Series: The Works Series)

The Works Series by Josh Thompson (Book of James)

So at my church, Harvest Christian Fellowship (Riverside), there is a great study going on called “The Works”. It’s a study through the whole book of James, and is being spoken by a very talented and spirit-filled leader, Josh Thompson. This study has really been helping me, and hitting home with me, week by week so i thought i would give you all access to the same study.

The first study is from James 1:1-8, Titles “No Pain No Gain” which you can click here to follow along in reading. To open up and listen to the podcast click here, after clicking the link go to the box that says Filter By and you filter it by Speaker, in the drop down menu click to choose Josh Thompson, then click on the podcast link titled “No Pain No Gain” posted on 5/20/2012. (should be 4th entry down). I hope yo enjoy the study as I will be posting them every week for you to get them the same day they’re preached!

Thank you much, and God Bless!

James MacDonald Endorsement…

“Check out this endorsement of Harvest America from Pastor James MacDonald: James MacDonald is the senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, which meets in six locations throughout the Greater Chicago area. James’ Bible-teaching broadcast ministry, Walk in the Word, reaches more than 3 million people weekly. Harvest Ministries partnered with Read more. . .”

Join the Prayer Cloud –> Click Here

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See how many people across America are being Prayed for today… Click Here

About Harvest America Webinars….

Update for Harvest America and how to get involved with the Movement that can bring revival to a Nation…

What are Harvest America Webinars you ask?  Well it’s a web based seminar on ‘How To’ become an ambassador of Harvest America. They host a webinar every month to highlight different aspects of being a host for Harvest America. They are open to Hosts, Harvest Ambassadors, and anyone interested in becoming a Host or Ambassador. They are designed to help and inform you as you prepare for the day of the event. You can watch the previous webinars online here, and sign up for the next one, scheduled for June 13, 2012, here.

Thanks for your Support, and God Bless!

The Persenal Touch…

One of the questions people ask about Harvest America is, “How is this simulcast event any different than what you’ve already been doing through your webcasts?” And I would say that the answer lies in the personal touch. You see, when a person comes to a live crusade, they have…

Have that same question? Well click here and read more about the “Personal Touch” of Harvest America that makes it more unique and personal to all that sign up and watch…

P.S. – Don’t forget about the ‘Prayer Cloud‘, just go to the site, https://harvestamerica.com/pray/prayer-cloud.html  —> here you can enter a name of someone you know to be prayed over or you can sign up to be apart the prayer team and receive e-mail updates and communications!

Thanks, God Bless!

Harvest America

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One Day, One Church, One Message….

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